Our Friendly Staff
Our friendly and experienced veterinarians are committed to providing quality and compassionate care for your animals. We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of veterinary services to the community by catering for both production and companion animals. All veterinary staff are continually updating their skills and knowledge through further education.

In Horses we offer routine Pregnancy and Follicle scans as well as Chilled and Frozen Artificial Insemination (AI) and Stallion Collection.


In Cattle we offer routine Pregnancy Diagnosis (manual and ultrasound), Embryo Transfer, Bull Breeding Soundness Evaluations, Semen Collection and Straw Production.


Goondiwindi & District Veterinary Services

Goondiwindi & District Veterinary Services is a new veterinary service based in South West Queensland, in Goondiwindi. The business was established in December 2010 by Anna Gates, Trish Pullos & Mark Cranney as a three person rural mixed practice. We are committed to compassion and quality, both in the care of family pets, horses and livestock, and in our relationships with our clients and the community.

Small Animal Services

We have just finished constructing our new small animal clinic that will provide a full complement of medical, surgical and reproductive services. Our new facility will allow access to...

Large Animal Services

We operate three fully equipped Veterinary vehicles that allow us to carry out most cattle procedures on farm. Routine services include: Pregnancy Testing, Bull Breeding Soundness...

Equine Services

We provide a full equine ambulatory service and are equipped to provide a full complement of Equine reproductive services including: Pregnancy and Follicle scans, Stallion Collection, Frozen and Chilled Artificial Insemination (A.I.).
The team at Goondiwindi & District Veterinary Services (GDVS) keep abreast of all recent developments in the equine veterinary world and we are proud to have the latest diagnostic equipment available for use in our patients.